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Preserve your investment. 

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A permanent wax. 

A ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating is an effective product used to protect the exterior of your vehicle. It is a clear liquid that chemically bonds to plastics, glass, fiberglass, paint, and metals. Once cured, it provides water repellency, increased gloss, and protection for years to come.

Apply it to your paint, rims, plastic moldings, and headlights today! Book online!

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3 Years of Protection $950

7 Years Warranty $1,500

(Eligibility for 7year warranty:

Six (6) model years of age or newer.)

Boats, RV's, & Aircrafts varies.

Once your exterior is coated, your warranty will be activated on CARFAX™

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The video below shows you a glimpse of the lengthy process for a ceramic coating. Enjoy!