No more waxing. Preserve your investment with a ceramic coating.

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What is ceramic coating?

Ceramic coating is an effective product that protects the exterior, and interior of your car. It is a clear liquid that chemically bonds to plastics, headlights, fiberglass, paint, fabrics, and metals. After curing, it provides hydrophobic properties, high gloss, easy cleaning, and long-lasting protection. We are authorized installers of Owners Pride, and also offer our own house brand Caliwood Coatings. Both product lines offer different levels of protection and warranty. If you're interested in protecting your investment, please book a ceramic coating evaluation. In a ceramic coating evaluation appointment, we will first analyze your vehicle's surface. We will then present you different protection packages, and how to properly wash your investment after a ceramic coating installation.


Why choose ceramic coating?

In comparison to traditional waxes & sealants, which are just films that sit on the surface of your vehicle, ceramic coatings provide superior protection & shine. Ceramic coating provides strong protection against sun rays and harsh elements. It contains high levels of SiO2 (silicon dioxide), the main component of glass, giving it its strength and hardness. Whether you're cruising the pavement or getting down in the dirt, these coatings can handle it all. Let us help you protect your investment today.

Please call for a quote (940)282-9663 or email us at cshelp@caliwooddetail.com

Once your investment is ceramic coated, your warranty will be activated on CARFAX™ after coating registration.

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The video below shows you a glimpse of the lengthy process for a ceramic coating. Enjoy!